• Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest - White


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    • Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest Design 
    • White T-Shirt
    • 100% Premium Cotton
    • Front & Back print


    Local residents from the area affectionately refer to Cleethorpes as Meggies. It is very unclear where the name comes from.

    Some say that Isaac's Hill used to be called Meg's Island.

    One story passed down through the generations is that anyone born on or above the hill in Cleethorpes bore the right to be called a Meggie. For many years there were two local maternity homes in Cleethorpes, St Huges, which was on the hill and Croft Baker, which was above the hill in Mill Road. Thus most children born in Cleethorpes were , by birth right, a Meggie. However, with the relocation of the maternity unit to the Grimsby Hospital Site, very few Meggies are now being born.

    Others say a meggie was the cost of a tram fare from Grimsby to the resort.

    There is yet another theory, that the term Meggie has its origins in the military history of Lincolnshire. Towards the end of the 19th century, the local commandant of the 1st Volunteer Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment was Captain H W Meggitt. Thus the volunteers adopted the term Meggie to distinguish them from the Yellowbellies of the Lincolnshire Fens."

  • Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest - White
  • Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest - White
  • Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest - White
  • Forw4rd Meggies Mono Crest - White

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