• 'The Lovenskate Video' DVD


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    It takes a lot of time and effort invested to keep a skateboard company above water, especially when new companies seem to be appearing weekly; surfacing for a few months, churning out an edit then disappearing just as fast. However underneath all of this, some companies are quietly getting on with the important business of putting out high quality products, sponsoring the people who deserve it and generally giving people like us faith in skateboarding. Lovenskate have been around since 2001, doing all of this and at the same time screen printing their own boards and t-shirts in what can only be described as a labour of love. This level of dedication shows in the end result of high quality boards, and is also visible in their first full length video simply entitled ‘The Lovenskate Video’.


    Matt Ransom,

    Lucy Adams,

    Liam Sproat,

    Alex Barton,

    Ewen Bower,

    & Many More.


    Shot edit of behind the scenes at the Lovenskate design and print studio in East London.


  • 'The Lovenskate Video' DVD
  • 'The Lovenskate Video' DVD

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